Shelter Skelter

New trends for the new normal in the age of ’rona

By Katy Erikson  and Leslie Moore

πAble Table. Gather round this feat of engineering by interior designer Ray Booth: the Block Dining Table from Hickory Chair ($12,102). Its honed marble-and-steel pedestal bases support a whopping 108-inch wide surface, perfect for family dinners, online schoolwork and puzzle nights. Priba Furniture, 210 Stage Coach Trail, Greensboro, (336) 855-9034,


υDress for Excess. Time to ditch the PJs! Just because we’ve taken “athleisure” to a new level doesn’t mean we can’t spiff up for dinner. Ulla Johnson’s feminine but casual, comfortable  — and flirty — dress ($695) will enhance your evening repast, from hors d’oeuvres to dessert. Rebecca & Co, 1724 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro, (336) 292-2455 or


τTurn In, Tune Out, Drop Zzzzs. Not that we recommend hiding your head under the covers, but a good night’s sleep in the Gustavian Abstract Bed from MODERN HISTORY, ($4,770, Queen size), blending classicism with a modern edge, might just make you healthy, wealthy and wise. L. Moore Designs, High Point. (336) 687-4945 or


Foot Joy. As we transition from teleconference to office, those fuzzy slippers you’ve been concealing from your colleagues will have to go. How to step up your style without sacrificing comfort? Easy: the Amiens shoe by L’Amour des Pieds ($85). Main & Taylor Shoe Salon, 1616 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro, (336) 851-5025 or



Petal Pushers. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, even the temporal sight and scent of fresh flowers. Consult the creative ladies at Just Priceless and buy some hyacinths — or roses or asters or mums — to feed your soul. Just Priceless, 1313 North Main Street, High Point, (336) 883-6249 or


Face-Off. Not to be outdone, Monkee’s of High Point has partnered with a local manufacturer to make its own trendy and fashionable masks, including one called “See The Good” ($12). Not a mandate so much as motivation to do good: Its sales benefit local nonprofit High Point Discovered. (Monkee’s of High Point 1329 North Main Street, High Point, (336) 882-0636 or


The Eyes Have It. With increased screen time Zooming or ordering from Amazon, you might want a new pair of glasses. Let the windows of your soul shine through a pair of frames from French company Traction Productions  ($475), whose mantra, “Creative Originality” has held up for more than a century. The View on Elm, 327 South Elm Street, Greensboro, (336) 274-1278 or text (336) 601-6091;


Muzzle-tov! Your nose and mouth may be covered but your voice can still be heard. Say it loud and proud with fashionable masks ($18–20) from Greensboro clothing designer Sarah Evenson (Marie Oliver, whose bold but lightweight fabrics make a fashion statement worth paying attention to. Simply Meg’s 1616-H Battleground Avenue Greensboro, (336) 272-2555 or


The Outer Limits. Think beyond the four walls to the latest travel destination: your own backyard! Enjoy Nature, at her most stunningly beautiful this time of the year, in an outdoor living space courtesy of The Monterey Collection from Summer Classics outdoor furniture. Retail prices vary per item Furnitureland South, 5635 Riveredale Drive, Jamestown, (336) 822-3000,

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