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A Winter’s Walk

Snapshots of this snow-laced season

By Lynn Donovan


Winter. The very word brings a chill to the air. The trees are bare. Birds and critters search for food and shelter. The cold brings skies as blue as you’ve ever seen or, sometimes, icy rain and even snow.

Notice how the sun rises and sets in a low arc on the horizon. How the phases of the moon wink down on the cold, hard ground from an inky, blue-black sky. How all of nature is enhanced by this glittering season.

The heat of a bonfire chases away the cold, warms the body and brightens the night. The falling snow throws a blanket of white and quiet over all things. Winter, cold but beautiful, holds the promise of awakening after a lengthy sleep.

The long walk through it is sprinkled with flashes of beauty, new perspectives and moments of absolute wonder. And on the other side of this bare-branched season, the warm hope of spring awaits. 

Lynn Donovan loves to travel and explore the world and her own backyard through the lens of her camera.

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